Hands down my new favorite brunch spot. Yes, Leon! With a blend of modern classy and industrial decor, Leon presents an aesthetic balance that personally I love. Selecting the right color palette, good lighting, and comfy furniture, Leon offers customer a casual dining experience with its wide range of common menu.

I visited Leon at lunchtime and have a nice meal without breaking the bank at Senopati area. Everything I had here for lunch was excellent. Check my review below.

- Salmon and Corn

Everything on the menu looked amazing but the waiter suggested me a Salmon and Corn. I agreed with him. It was a gorgeous, Salmon was thick and fluffy. Thus, I got the perfect bite of Salmon each time. It had a rich flavour also, oh so delicious. The dressing was good, I mean not overpowering. And the side dish, avocado with potato added the perfect touch for me. I thought I'm a fan.

- Black Angus Fried Rice

I'm gluttonous so next came the spectacular Black Angus Fried Rice. It was also cooked perfectly. The texture of the meat was insanely juicy. Mild flavour of the Black Angus combined well with the fried rice. Also, ‘kerupuk’ was the best side dish. My kind of garnish! Most important thing for lunch, the portion size was pretty generous.

- Xinjiang Cumin Lamb

My friend got the Xinjiang Cumin Lamb. He was delighted after the first taste of the satay, he said it was delicious . So, I need to gave it a try. Yeah, in my opinion, the lamb was chewy in a good way and  overflowing with lots of seasoned. Last but not least, the sauce combination went so well together with the lamb.

This place has it all- excellent customer service and excellent food.  It's definitely busy, but the dining area is spacious. This seems to be a wonderful day, I can't wait to go back to Leon. If you're looking for a satisfying lunch meal, I definitely recommend this place. Thank you Leon for having me.

Jl. Wijaya I No.25. kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan
021 722 1188