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Basilicha is written by Marisa Tju (or Icha), just a little girl who loves food and writing. Inspired by life style, pretty foods, and restaurant or café concepts, Basilicha is a blog for those who love eating and hang out. Many of restaurant, cafe, hotel, food ingredient, and a little story of my life will be found here. Currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Basilicha will help you to find out cozy places to hang out with your friends, family, or colleagues.

For those who want a more personal interaction, she can be contacted at aryani.marisa@gmail.com. Apart from that, she is quite active on instagram and twitter. You can follow @marisatju (twitter) and marisatju (instagram).

"All images and texts must not be used without permission. You may use any photographs or texts only if you share link is given to this blog. Comments are welcome, so feel free to post comments and I would love to hear from you. Last say, thank you for dropping by."

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