I bookmarked Iseya Robatayaki  a while ago, glad I finally got around to dining here. And finally!! I popped in on a Saturday night at Iseya. This place has seriously luxurious interior with with Japanese flair to it. Every detail matters to get aesthetic pleasure from the surrounding environment during a meal. This high-end restaurant has a nice spacious area too.

Now on to the food. I had 3 appetizer, Sukiyaki, and of course dessert and here’s the food review :


I started off with some small dishes named Zensai for appetizer. It contained of Salmon, Unagi, and Tempura. I will explain one by one. Salmon was fresh, Unagi seasoned perfectly, and Tempura was a lil bit crispy, not overly-breaded and had the perfect amount of sauce, with a great flavor. I strongly recommend this menu for starter.

Chawan Mushi

If you are a Japanese cuisine lover, you must know Chawan Mushi (or Steamed Egg Custard). Go get this and you won't regret. So do I, at Iseya I had Chawan Mushi. It was so tasteful and delicate. It melted in your mouth. Also there were bits of seafood inside which gave me a nice surprise. So good.

Salmon Saikyo Yaki

I have to say though, Salmon Saikyo Yaki really blew me away. Salmon Saikyo Yaki was a grilled Salmon that was cooked in a special sake miso sauce (or called saikyo sauce). The fish itself is fatty, which makes the meat extremely soft. I also loved the marinade that was used on the salmon. I simply like it and I want more.


The highlight was Sukiyaki. And everything was fresh, the vegetables, meat and mushroom. The wagyu was tender and tasty, bursting with juicy flavour through my taste buds. My favourite thing's the staff cooked Sukiyaki in front of the visitor so it was fun to watch. You certainly didn't disappoint with this one.


Then I bit into my dessert. It was just so good. The dessert was a cake with fruits like Kiwi, Strawberry, and Sunkist. So, there are many colors on the plate that make it pretty. The cake was fluffy and not too sweet. And most important thing was the cake had exactly the right amount of bite without being too heavy after ate Sukiyaki.

So as this short of a review comes to a close, I'll leave you with this. Iseya Sukiyaki’s a hidden gem. Pricey, but a gem nevertheless. I enjoyed everything that arrived on my table. Nonetheless, I thought the service seemed slow, but chef Junya Takeoka from Sapporo, Jepang was friendly to customer and helpfull to all staffs. Personally, it was a fun night, my stomach was happy and full.

ISEYA Sukiyaki Robatayaki
Sampoerna Strategic Lantai LG Kav 45-46
Jakarta Selatan
021 5795 2342