Immigrant, the hottest nightclub and bar held a relaunch and celebrate its reopening, Wednesday May 21. Starting in perfect location right in the heart of the city, providing a view of the landmark Hotel Indonesia roundabout, Immigrant has the glamorous feel for a classic bar and lounge with a good crowd. And now Immigrant has a new concept offering different concept and ambiance.

Same brand with the same stylish design, Immigrant injecting a fresh twist on the concept. Here it is, Immigrant Dining Room which is dining room area and the nightclub are well-separated from each other. So it is possible to finish your meal even after the music gets loud around midnight. 

I went to Immigrant’s party and enjoy selections of canapes and cocktail. The crowd in Immigrant is upmarket, with many expat and executive. Over all, i love the ambience of dining area. I enjoyed the music and try to dance but i can't. The wine was slowing me down. Well, let us celebrate the journey, get ready for a new experience at Immigrant.

Immigrant Dining Room
Plaza Indonesia, Lantai 6, Jl. MH. Thamrin, Thamrin
021 2992 4125