"What is Coffee?"

Coffee is a beverage with a aroma and flavor from the roasted coffee beans. There are two species of coffee, arabica and robusta. Arabica has higher grade than robusta also the price is more expensive. By process, there are two type method, manual brewing and espresso"

Espresso Based Coffee Drinks
Espresso      : based of coffee
Cappucino   : based on espresso, milk, and foam
Caffe Latte   : single shot of espresso with steamed milk or cappuccino without foam
Mochaccino : a Cappuccino or a Caffe Latte with chocolate
Americano   : single shot of espresso with hot water

Benefit Coffee
Many people said coffee is not good for health because of the caffeine content. However in one study of science, coffee has benefits for health. Coffee can decrease the risk of cancer, diabetes, even reduced the risk of depression. Even though coffee have a lot of benefits for health, it is not recommended to drink more than 5 cups of coffee in a day.

Coffee and Life Style
Many people think drinking coffee is a life style. They also need coffee for social living to make them comfort. Coffee can make the drinker feels refreshed and bring the positive mood. Actually, we can make a coffee at home or prefer go to the coffee shop to enjoy the quality coffee.

Coffee Shop in Indonesia
People usually go to the coffee shop to chatting with friends, meeting, or just enjoy the coffee. Most of them have cozy furniture, good food, free wi-fi, helpful, warm and friendly staff along with a convenient spot to meet business associates and friends. Wi fi is useful for workaholic to work there to be refreshed and  getting good ideas. Therefore, coffee shop becomes a favorite meeting spot not only for teenagers, but also for professionals.

In Indonesia, we have so many coffee shops, from the local one to the international franchise brands. Starbucks is a brand cafe from United States which has big influence to Indonesia’s coffee industry. Starbucks is the largest coffee shop company in the world. Because of Starbucks’ success in Indonesia, many investors open the coffee shop because they saw the opportunity in this industry. The brands like such as The Coffee Bean, McCafe, Rolling Stone Coffee, etc came to Indonesia.

For local brand, Indonesia has Coffee Tree which is located in Kelapa Gading. Coffee addicts certainly know this coffee shop because Coffee Tree provides good coffee beans themselves. And then, we also have Kopitiam Oey that belongs to Bondan Winarno, and many more. 

Food Pairing of Coffee
We can still enjoy the food in coffee shop. Most of them serve cake or traditional French pastry for food pairing. Croissant is the best pairing for coffee because the taste is match with coffee. For ladies, chocolate cake can be the best pair to drink coffee.